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Edinburgh is packed with hidden alleys, charming little streets and gothic closes that are perfect for exploring on foot and Victoria Street (Originally called the West Bow), located just 5 minute’s walk from The Scotsman Hotel, makes for an ideal leisurely stroll from our doorstep.

The mix of several centuries of attractive architecture, vibrant atmosphere and quirky selection of shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants have secured Victoria Street’s status as one of the jewels in Edinburgh’s crown.

Victoria Street was built between 1829-34 as part of a series of improvements to the Old Town, with the aim of improving access around the city. Previously, access from the Grassmarket to the Lawnmarket was via the West Bow, a very steeply sloped and narrow lane. The new street was planned to demolish much of the old West Bow, and provide a broad sweeping link to the newly built George IV Bridge.  Victoria Street, Edinburgh famous for its multi-coloured shopfronts, elegant curves and historic architecture. It is one of the city’s most picturesque locations with Victoria Terrace on an upper level looking down on the street below.Victoria Street has to be one of the most photographed locations in the city. Its gentle curve and colourful shopfronts making it favourite spot for tourist photos, postcards and TV adverts.

The curvy street is filled with unique gift shops, stylish restaurants and bars and independent boutiques.  J.K Rowling based Diagon Alley from Harry Potter on this street, which is only located a few streets from The Elephant House where J.K Rowling sat and wrote much of her early novels in the back room overlooking Edinburgh Castle.

The Scotsman Hotel truly does have an ideal location for exploring the very best of Edinburgh, right from our doorstep.  Why not start planning your Edinburgh adventure with us for a boutique experience with plenty of Scottish hospitality thrown in for good measure.

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