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Located just a two-minute stroll from The Scotsman Hotel on the Royal Mile, The Real Mary King’s Close is an award-winning five-star attraction where guests can experience a unique warren of hidden Edinburgh Streets and discover its secrets.

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How is it that streets that were once the bustling heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town came to be sealed off and hidden from sight? Be transported back to 17th century Edinburgh as their costumed character guides lead you through uniquely preserved streets and houses. Marvel at how different life would have been for the people of Edinburgh when these streets were open to the skies at The Real Mary King’s Close.

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What can you expect to experience at The Real Mary King’s Close?

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Arrive in plenty of time before your tour slot to discover the exhibition area and find out more about life on the Closes.

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 Meet your guide who will transport you back in time. From maid to the merchant, Foul Clenger to poet and even the daughter of Mary King herself, each character offers a unique perspective of day to day life on the Close.

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 Descend the steps and marvel at the stories of past residents. Imagine how their lives would have been.

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Get under the skin of the plague, learn why it was wise to avoid the streets at 7am and 10pm, and uncover how all social classes lived together stacked on top of each other in tenements that are said to have been the world’s first skyscrapers.

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Booking in advance is highly recommended at The Real Mary King’s Close and Scotsman Hotel guests can receive an exclusive 5% discount when booking on the telephone.  To make a booking call Guest Services to 0131 225 0672 or 0131 225 0675 and quote ‘Scotsman Hotel’ for the discount to be applied. If you would like more information about The Real Mary King’s Close you can visit the official website by  clicking here.

Terms and conditions: The 5% discount is not valid over the month of August and only valid when booked on the telephone (not valid online). All bookings are subject to availability.

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Edinburgh is filled with hidden and historic attractions just waiting to be explored.  Why not join us at The Scotsman Hotel for a few nights and immerse yourself in the rich culture available.

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